Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Butchering it apart

I've been putting it off forever, no more excuses.
So, let us begin:
Dissection in progress
Took a picture of both sides of the PCB, printed them out, stuck the paper onto a piece of cardboard and smeared the top with office glue-in-a-stick. I used this to practice hot air work, carefully removing each component at a time, "dipping" (more like touching) the leads in the glue stick and putting them onto their respective places. A rather time and patience consuming process.

Back side done
Then, after all the parts were removed the board was cleaned off, first nearly all the solder with a copper wick, then technical ethanol.

(and yes, it's a bmp)

Backside of the FET preamp

Unfortunately, the free autotrace SW for Windows (haven't tried the Linux ones) failed miserably, the pictures just weren't good enough. So I converted the images to bmp and traced them "by hand".

Several hours later:


 The blue dots are vias. Without too much searching, you can find several that seem to go nowhere, meaning the board is more then 2-sided. Fuck.
While it is possible to carefully sand it down taking pictures every now and then, I am not that patient to do it.
Vectorized and superimposed
(back is blue, front is red)

The leads that go out of the picture are the flex cables that are...glued? the PCB directly, the ones on the left go to the LCD, the ones on the right come from the battery terminal.
If you feel you must have the infini-resolution vectorized version, email me. But before you do, be warned that some traces might be broken.

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