Saturday, April 2, 2016

polishing the turd some more

To address the light performance and increase the view angle, you need a different lens.
To hold the lens, you need a lens holder. Like this one. (not optimal*, but can be made to work)
Before you buy said lens holder, note that the hole spacing on the camera module is 21mm, not 20. Holders with 21mm spacing seem magically more expensive, even though they are made from the same material using the same technology. Before you put on the new lens, the old one obviously has to go. This needs needle-nose pliers and a bit of persuasion, but it's not terrible hard.
Because of the hole spacing, I had to secure the holder with wire and then glue it to the PCB. Then I could screw in the lens and focus it.

So, without further ado, I present:

Totally not a bomb mk. II

Not a bomb even in the slightest

On the back is a different switchmode converter, not sure about the topology, but it goes both up and down. Uses 2 inductors and doesn't invert the output voltage. buy here
Efficiency is not all that awesome, still draws 2,68W, so pretty much n=80%. Also, it makes audible noise, (discontinuous mode), so it's not matched well for the current draw...

voltage is inverted, so it's rising in the graph
New toy btw. Would be perfect if they added some math functions to the app.

trash TV in action
Viewing it on the trash TV, the latency is barely perceptible, probably close to what the project author measured.

Latency seems to be betweeen 140-170ms, so unless you need to go crazy fast, quite usable.

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